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About API Colton Commercial Arizona


Colton Commercial offers best in class, agile service to our clients by delivering constant personalized attention and resources, in contrast to large bureaucratic real estate service providers.


We at Colton Commercial believe in treating each customer with world class care, while being responsible as consummate professionals and expert in our respective positions.

Value Proposition:

  • Client Satisfaction:  Repeat business and referrals represent a majority of our revenues
  • Proven Track Record:  Delivered results through market cycles since establishment in 1981
  • Responsive:  Capable of delivering a proposal in hours, not days or weeks
  • Compliance:  Legal platform since 1981, full accounting systems and insurance requirements
  • Quality References:  Knowledge, experience and the ‘Can Do’ attitude equal strong relationships

Value Statements:

  • Our team is accountable.
  • Our team is dedicated to our clients.
  • Our team operates with a “Can Do” attitude.
  • Our team believes that service to others is a verb.
  • Our team has the integrity that our clients can rely on.
  • Our team will learn new skills that will benefit our clients.
  • Our team will be respectful and mindful of our clients and their time.
  • Our team pledges to maintain a discipline and dedication to transparency in all we do.
  • Our team enjoys their work and encourages each other with teamwork and friendliness.
  • Our team of professionals will be trained and offered growth opportunities to build from within organization.
Company Benefits:

  • Known brand in the market
  • Flexible in opportunities in increase personal income
  • Personal influence on assignments given flat corporate structure
  • Control of information, both outgoing and incoming
  • Brokers and property management work together for mutual benefit
Core Competencies:

  • Brokerage: Sales & Leasing
  • Management: Facilities/Project
Colton Commercial has evolved into a premier service provider for corporate, institutional, and government clients. We focus exclusively on commercial real estate brokerage and facilities or property management.

Brokerage locally is focused in our local business community for both national and international clients. We operate as API Global Colton Commercial Arizona as conduit with assignments from larger out of state corporations and government entities.


API Colton Commercial Arizona

2206 South Priest Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282 - USA
Phone: 480-894-3633
Fax: 480-894-3649

Corporate Headquarters

API Global
401 Alberto Way, Suite 5
Los Gatos, CA 95032 - USA
Phone: +1-408-402-5123
Fax: +1-408-402-5271

Partnership Inquiries

Phone: +1-408-402-5123