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Jim Militello

“We love what we do, it's not just a job for us. Every time we close a deal it means that we have helped someone move forward.”

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About API J.R. Militello Realty

J. R. Militello Realty, Inc. was founded by Jim Militello and Jerry Workman in 1989 in response to the demand for technical expertise in today's changing and highly complex real estate market. The firm is staffed by real estate professionals with extensive experience in matters of finance, marketing, development and government. In a short period of time, Militello Realty has grown to become one of the largest commercial brokers in Western New York. Its computer capabilities and real estate knowledge database are unparalleled in this market. Our licensed real estate brokers and sales agents include Michael R. Alpern, Carey Anderson, Carl Buzak, Kelly Ann Green, Michael Hollander, Peter Jaremka, Ed Mills, and D. Scott Roth. Tom Kinsella gives us an in-house appraisal capability. JoAnn DiGiulio and Mike Sweitzer provide research and other support services. Additional employes, sales agents, and strategic partners are available to assist in specific projects and transactions.


API J.R. Militello Realty

268 Main St, Suite 300
Buffalo, NY 14202 - USA
Phone: 716-856-2872
Fax: 716-856-2833

Corporate Headquarters

API Global
401 Alberto Way, Suite 5
Los Gatos, CA 95032 - USA
Phone: +1-408-402-5123
Fax: +1-408-402-5271

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Phone: +1-408-402-5123