“API Global’s unique turnkey processes are what give our clients a competitive advantage”


API Global advisors have corporate real estate executive experience, and as such, are attuned to real client needs and concerns. Advisors provide uncompromised and sound real estate solutions to assist clients in understanding the risks and rewards; ensuring every decision is a prudent one. Transaction brokerage services are offered on either leased or owned facilities and API Global represents both occupiers and investors. Since API Global operates under a process centric model rather than being transaction driven, all aspects of the client’s requirements are managed – even if there is no transaction. Drawing on extensive market information and corporate real estate expertise, API Global takes an advocate role to ensure the real estate action advances the business objectives and priorities including:

  • Acquisition and Divestitures
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Lease and Sale Comparables
  • Lease Analysis


API Global works exclusively for the client in securing real estate solutions that best serve the client’s business objectives without the conflict of interest associated with working for the landlord. As a true tenant rep firm, API Global extends "beyond the deal"; focusing on value-added solutions to benefit the client long after the real estate transaction is complete. API Global clients benefit from the creativity of an experienced in-country management team as well as a client advocacy approach.

Workplace Design

API Global’s design team is involved in the early design development stages of each project through Tenant Turnkey Advantage™. This process ensures client needs are seamlessly integrated into the final space plan. Project requirements are outlined from data compiled through interviews with the client’s local and headquarter teams.

API Global’s input and expertise facilitates space requirements and flexibility needs based on client operational and growth projections. With professionals knowledgeable in local and cultural requirements, API Global’s design team adds value to the client’s overall strategy.

Since the physical environment is very important to employee recruitment, retention and productivity, API Global’s space plans are designed to satisfy the needs and functions of all business units – from the CEO to human resources.

After a building is selected, detailed designs are developed and comprised of all aspects of the client office environment including details of furniture and complete office fit-out. During the construction phase, API Global ensures the new space complies with the client specifications and is sensitive to the local culture and business environment. Weekly meetings with the project and client teams are managed to evaluate progress, resolve challenges as well as issue budget and scheduling reports. In addition, finish and feature options will be provided by API Global experts.

Project Management

API Global’s comprehensive project management solution supports clients in every aspect from reviewing the lease to managing the construction process. The Client Services team and the local field Project Director provide constant oversight and communicate concurrently to the corporate client.

API Global’s service directs clients through the build out process; adhering to the project’s Scope, Schedule and Budget. The project management lease review process focuses negotiating the work letter and construction provisions assuring the ability and timing to effectively complete the project.

Additional services are available including financial management, procurement (furniture, IT, etc.) and relocation management services. Integrating these services into one seamless offering ensures all aspects of the client’s project – from conception to occupancy – are implemented on time and within budget.

Construction Management

As corporations expand their operations to a global scale, they often need to invest in new facilities as well. If planned and developed properly, these new facilities can provide a competitive advantage for the business both in establishing a market presence and in creating a more efficient production line. API Global recognizes there is a great deal to consider when a corporation takes on an overseas development project and, to that end, has created a specialized practice to manage the risks and realize the rewards of creating new facilities overseas; whether it is a manufacturing plant, a contact center or an administrative headquarters. API Global’s Construction Management service incorporates careful planning and reporting of Project Management along with detailed pricing, vendor/contractor selection, on-site construction supervision and controls of a high quality construction process. This service provides clients with thorough documentation, equipment commissioning and accounting information for proper reporting on the corporate books. For larger facilities, this process pays for itself several times over in capital savings, reduction of risk, compliance with corporate standards and life cycle cost savings.

Occupancy Cost Reduction

API Global’s occupancy cost reduction programs can significantly improve a company’s bottom line performance and increase the contribution of corporate real estate to shareholder value by reducing the largest operating expense – occupancy costs. API Global’s proactive approach to improving the performance of the corporate portfolio extends beyond transactions and includes a full analysis of all operating costs. API Global’s portfolio administration team’s primary role is to identify ways to reduce the occupancy costs of our clients by offering the following services:

  • Occupancy Cost Reduction
  • Lease Audit and Reconciliation
  • Cost Mitigation During Lease Termination
  • Lease Translations and Abstracts