The World is Flat

The World Is Flat

API Global Addresses New Paradigm for
Conducting Business and Solving Client Challenges

The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century, was published in April 2005, by The New York Times columnist and three-time Pulitzer Prize recipient, Thomas L. Friedman. According to the author, we now live in a period he calls Globalization 3.0. In this new brave world, the author argues that the relationship between employees and companies; companies as customers and suppliers; and between companies and their communities have all changed because of ten “Flattening Forces” including outsourcing, offshoring, and supply-chaining. These factors, Friedman notes, “have been around, we know, since the 1990s, if not earlier.” The introduction and wide-spread adoption of the Internet, the massive investments made in fiber-optics communications by failed companies, and political and economic reforms in China, India, Russia and Eastern Europe, Friedman concludes, has resulted in “a new playing field, developing new processes and habits for horizontal collaboration – that, believe is the most important force shaping the global economies and politics in the early twenty-first century…” Whether one agrees with Friedman’s interpretations of the social, economic, political and technological events discussed in the book, one thing is clear – how business is conducted has changed from just a few years ago.

API Global was founded in 2001 to fill the changing business needs in the “flat world.” Recognizing that existing real estate companies were built on a geographic model that failed to address their corporate clients’ “flat world” needs as they expanded and redeployed operations in the Asia Pacific region, J. Patrick Moultrup created a new company, business model, corporate solution and delivery vehicle. Prior to starting API Global, Moultrup was a founder and President of Staubach International, which was recognized by Forbes Magazine as the #1 Real Estate Firm in the World in 2001. Earlier in his career, Moultrup headed the international real estate departments for Sun Microsystems, Rational Software, and Rolm Corporation where he developed over 21 million square feet of space in 26 countries.

To provide a truly revolutionary, value-added solution for MNCs, API Global needed to quickly and effectively reach MNCs and then deliver the type of services they required. As the author of The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century points out “…the dynamic force in Globalization 3.0 – the thing that gives it its unique character – is the newfound power of individuals to collaborate and compete globally…” API Global has tapped into this force and through a network of over 20,000 U.S. brokers reaching clients as diverse as a conglomerate with far-flung operations to a high tech semiconductor company to a large financial services business.

Delivering services to both the largest Fortune 500™ companies and small start-up companies in Silicon Valley requires that API Global understands and stays of top on the legal, financial and real estate regulations and practices in more than 60 diverse and dynamically changing markets.

Once again, the approach used by API Global recognizes that no one firm can have all the answers; but, through effective collaboration and management of a disciplined process, API Global's “Tenant Turnkey™ Solution”, MNCs’ needs can be met. To provide that solution, API Global draws on the resources of very experienced real estate experts in the specific markets that MNCs want. Directed by seasoned API Global executives in California, API Global’s field personnel follow a consistent and comprehensive approach, based solely on commission income from tenants. Any commissions that are customarily paid by landlords to a broker in the markets in which API Global operates are immediately and completely rebated to API Global's clients. This tenant-only income policy ensures that API Global's tenant-rep advice and services are never compromised!

API Global delivers more than corporate brokerage services. Helping companies find properties to buy or lease is only part of the equation. Facilitating business operations is the goal

Driven by a client-centric philosophy, API Global manages tenant improvement projects and tenant move logistics, along with the real estate. API Global’s California-based project management professionals work with their client’s headquarters personnel and the client’s overseas staff as well as other specialists to ensure a smooth and surprise-free, cost-effective move-in process and schedule, i.e., “On Budget/On Schedule.” This hands-on support includes programming a tenant’s space requirements; designing the interior fit-out; identifying and supporting infrastructure requirements, such as electrical, IT, and telecom; organizing the construction plan and providing construction supervision.

How can MNCs address today’s challenges as they establish, expand or redeploy operations in Asia and Latin America?

The solution involves selecting the right business partner, planning ahead to gain flexibility (and negotiating power), and, of course, through lease structuring and negotiating the best possible terms. To learn more about how API Global International can help companies act quickly and successfully in the “flat world” with their international activities, please contact us.